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James B. Glattfelder

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I was born in 1972 and grew up in the Swiss mountains and studied physics in Zurich. After traveling around the world for a few months with my girlfriend I finally started working as a researcher/programmer (C++, Java) in a quantitative hedge fund in Zurich, specialized in the development of automated real-time trading models. Since the end of 2006, I am doing a Ph.D. Next to the fundamental questions of how stuff works and why, I find complex systems of interest.

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And on the less boring side, snowboarding, rock climbing and surfing (as an eternal beginner) help keep me focused. Listening to electronic music and hanging out with friends also add to my sanity.

Finally, what really drives me, is the question, how the world could possibly become a nicer place. To be franc, I find the way things are currently set up to be pretty messed up...

Hopefully not a drop in the ocean: noon.ch.

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