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The story so far, observed from my reference frame...


i.) intrinsic creative process: existence of something, structure formation (universe, life, mind); process inherent in our consciousness
ii.) physical reality finite: space, time, the universe, ...
iii.) time = interaction; time only exists for matter
iv.) universe as a computation
v.) quanta as a bits
vi.) consilience
vii.) many worlds: every possibility exists
viii.) consciousness conserved
ix.) universality, unity, interconnectedness

conjecture: i.) + iv.) => "we invent it as we go along"


i.) c = cst
ii.) radiation quantized
iii.) human observer integral part of quantum mechanics (observer paradox)
iv.) fundamental reality can be coded into formal systems (covariance, invariance)
v.) computational/algorithmic approach to complexity: simple rules complex behavior
vi.) the human mind develops formal systems and blueprints for human technology to build computers
vii.) paradoxes: in formal systems, quantum realm, time not fundamental, interpretation of quantum mechanics
viii.) quantum realm: intrinsically random
ix.) no objective reality

nb: vi.), iv.), v.) sound like: "reality wants us to understand it" or "the workings of reality are coded into our minds"
 --> "our minds code the workings of reality"


0.) mathematical models
i.) graph theory
ii.) knot theory
iii.) category theory
iv.) information theory
v.) loop quantum gravity
vi.) m theory
vii.) agent based models
viii.) complexity theory
ix.) systems theory


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