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  • The Backbone of Control, Annual Meeting of the German Physical Society, Working Group Physics of Socio-Economic Systems (AKSOE): Social, Information- and Production Networks, 27th of February, 2008, Berlin, Germany, PDF
  • Global Ownership: Unveiling the Structures of Real-World Complex Networks, Annual Meeting of the German Physical Society, Section Dynamics and Statistical Physics (DY): Statistical Physics of Complex Networks, 25th of February, 2008, Berlin, Germany, PDF
  • The Network of Global Corporate Control, CCSS International Workshop, 9th of June, 2009, Zurich, Switzerland (photos)
  • The Power of Few: The organizing Principles Behind our Markets, Treffpunkt Science City, 20th of November 2011, Zurich, PDF
  • How Stable is Our Economy? Systemic Risk and Economic Networks, Financial Risk Management Event, Deloitte, 11th of January 2012, Zurich, 2011, PDF


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In the long run, network thinking will become essential to all branches of science as we struggle to interpret the data pouring in from neurobiology, genomics, ecology, finance and the Word-wide Web. - S.H. Strogatz: Exploring complex networks; 2001


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