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1 Projects

Replace manual install of Mediawiki and Typo3 with kubuntu packages.

2 To Do

  • PhotoBase: Coppermine (http://coppermine-gallery.net/index.php) -> add to top tabs => OK
  • JavaScript error (?) => OK
  • implement user-defined scaling of text size (see old plone page) => OK (firefox 2.0)
  • when content box is smaller than left navi, bottom border gets lost
  • problems with latex2html (annoying black borders): http://webhost.math.rochester.edu/webworkdocs/discuss/msgReader$390?mode=topic
  • embedding external URLs without using : http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/search/wag_urlgrab/0.1.0/ (dosen't work for links in the page)
  • eternal layout problems: browsers, css, padding...
  • revisit HTML and CSS template, especially the XHTML standard
  • remove underline from links
  • webserver, about links: enable hover
  • reorder top nav: log + tools -> help; dataStore, techWiki, thinkBank, fotoBase (caps), links -> left navi => OK
  • move to version 4.0 => OK

3 Content

  • Add j-node features to generic link list => OK


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