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  • don't discriminate due to gender, race, religious conviction, social status, sexual orientation (except pedophilia)
  • any functional and sustainable political views need to incorporate ecological and social aspects
  • respect all of life
  • do not be afraid of change and do not depend on the conservation of the status quo
  • the strong protect the weak; the haves should support the don't-haves
  • be open to new ideas; accept the possibility that there are things you couldn't even imagine
  • only your mind is the limit
  • your mind creates your reality, i.e., experience thereof
  • you do not and cannot know everything
  • you can be wrong and often are
  • get informed, stop your ignorance
  • seek the truth; don't let your views and ideas obscure the truth
  • get over your ego
  • try to have a mature relationship with yourself
  • realize the futility of thinking that material possessions will bring happiness
  • always remember that you will die
  • communicate and work up problems; resolve conflicts
  • take responsibility for your life and your doings
  • don't think that doing nasty stuff in the name of some higher ideal will make it ok
  • remember the world doesn't just exist for the timespan of your life
  • the resources of the world are finite
  • no one knows why we exist and live in a structure forming reality and how it started
  • try not too be too callus/cynical/uncompassionate
  • take some time off once in a while to contemplate your life
  • be critical towards your cultural and religious 'heritage'
  • don't take for granted that any two individuals perceive the same reality
  • there doesn't appear to be such a thing as objective reality; quantum mechanically, philosophically and neurologically
  • ethical notions like good and evil have had different meanings in different times
  • the notion of theology can be shown to have followed an evolution
  • the current setup of the world is accompanied by a lot of suffering, following a long history of suffering
  • spirituality does not necessarily need to follow theological ideals
  • exercise on a regular basis, eat healthily, have a positive attitude, keep the exposure to toxins to a low level
  • relaxe and have fun
  • you do not have to follow the dictates of any belief system, nor accept any teachings of any person
  • you may make a conscious decision to seek your own truth

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